UK Structural Engineers Declare Climate & Biodiversity Emergency

Furness Partnership has joined 210 other UK structural engineering firms in declaring a Climate & Biodiversity Emergency.

By doing this, we have pledged to commit to the goals of the national Structural Engineers’ Climate Action Plan. To raise awareness of the emergency, advocate for faster change and enable our clients to make quantifiable decisions to reduce the amount of carbon in our projects.

We are aware that as structural and civil engineers we have an important role in the construction industry. We already make a significant commitment to our sustainability policy, both in respect of our office activities and through our professional role as consultant engineers and will endeavour to build on this going forward.

To raise standards of environmental awareness we work closely with clients, suppliers, contractors, other professional bodies, and the local community, we specify materials of low embodied energy and minimise environmental degradation. We use sustainably sourced timber and minimise waste through efficient and considered design. Whenever possible we specify reused or recycled materials, or constituent parts, and make reference to the National Green Specification to select materials which provide the required specification, value and reduced environmental impact.