Structural Engineering

Furness Partnership is driven by design. We use the latest BIM software available for structural analysis and production of full scale building models.  We always strive to use the latest cutting edge technology available. This approach has led us to  develop many bespoke and pioneering structural solutions to a wide variety of projects.

We have worked with a range of materials in order to incorporate innovate and intricate designs. Along with traditional steel frame and concrete design buildings, Furness Partnership have extensive timber design experience and have worked with specialist timber contractors and suppliers to develop timber structural insulated panels (SIPs), cross laminated timber (CLTs) walls and floors and glulam beam and columns for both load bearing and panel applications. Furness Partnership have also award winning designs using shipping containers to provide cost effective solutions to a variety of projects, this novel structural solution often reduces build costs by 20% when compared to traditional construction.

Civil Engineering

Furness partnership undertake a wide range of civil engineering designs. This covers retaining wall designs, external road and pavement makeups, underground drainage designs and excavation and filling specification.

CLT engineering

Furness Partnership have developed a specialist expertise in timber engineering. This has evolved into the use of Cross laminated Timber (CLT) panels on numerous schools. Cross laminated timber is an engineered timber product with good structural properties and low environmental impact.

We have developed relationships with factories in Central Europe and through the use of 3D modelling we are able to relate directly to the factory software thus shortening the lead time for production versus standard construction techniques. The installation of this material requires only limited new site skills, and its low weight means the cost of foundations can be reduced.

Listed Buildings

Furness Partnership have undertaken numerous complex refurbishment projects on a wide variety of historical and listed buildings throughout the UK. Our experience and knowledge of these types of buildings help us to identify common faults and propose structural alterations that are acceptable to English Heritage and the Local Conservation Officers.

Whilst working on many projects, we have developed an extensive knowledge in restoration techniques, with a particular interest in Georgian properties in Central London. Working closely with the relevant bodies we have developed many specialist repair and strengthening techniques that are both sympathetic and in keeping with the existing structure whilst providing the client with the desired results.