Sustainability is a wide-reaching term covering environmental, social and economic aspects. We do not aim to dilute this further with equally wide-reaching impact statements. We have always focussed on creating a fair and supportive workplace for our staff and engaged positively with local communities. This year however, with the stark reality of the climate crisis visibly upon us, we are focussing our attention on the environmental impact of our operations and projects. Learn about how we are implementing mitigation measures throughout our in-house procedures and consulting services to support the true use of the word ‘sustainable’.

Our Operations

All big changes start at home. We are therefore committed to integrating sustainable practices into our everyday processes by understanding our environmental impact areas and empowering staff members to make positive choices every day.

Our environmental management system is externally audited to ISO14001 standards. As part of this, we track our operational emissions and create mitigating solutions for our office and staff members.

Envirnmental Impact Report

Read more about our journey and targets in our downloadable impact assessment.

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Our Services

At Furness Partnership we have committed to reducing the impact of the built environment by declaring a climate emergency and promising change in the industry. Structures can contain around 50% of a building’s embodied carbon, due to the use of virgin materials and associated emissions. As structural engineers, it is our responsibility to offer sustainable design solutions to drastically reduce these emissions and advocate for circular economy principles.

We are proud to be experts in building conservation and have analysed our performance to date of both new builds and refurbs for embodied carbon.

Environmental Impact Report - Services

For an in depth look at our commitments and targets please download our e‑brochure.

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